For unique identification of pharmaceutical products

Serialisation of pharmaceutical products has been required in the EU since 2019. Manufacturers must label each product with a unique Data Matrix code for the purpose of identification and authentication. It includes information like the product code, serial number, national reimbursement number, batch number and expiry date. This information can be varied individually by means of modern production methods for better security and easier documentation.

In Russia, suppliers of pharmaceutical products have been required by law since January 2020 to put crypto codes on their products. The codes have an additional verification part which holds a much greater amount of data. Thanks to its state-of-the-art technology, Faller Packaging is ideally equipped to print these complex codes.

The two-dimensional codes can be printed on the primary or secondary packaging of drug products. On request, Faller Packaging will print serialised codes on all types of pharmaceutical labels. It can also make Bollini labels for protection against tampering.


Product Fiche - Multipage without laminate
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Whitepaper - Serialisation
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